51 Breezing the Ionian sea

A superb anchorage for Kabaal has been found near the fortress of Kerkyra, Corfu’s main town. Leaving the dinghy in a corner of the small marina we climb the steep and imposing walls of the fortress to enter the sea gate. After crossing the inside of the fortifications we exit the fort through the much… Continue reading 51 Breezing the Ionian sea

50 Malta to Greece

After saying goodbye to Hans and Karen other sailing friends embark in Marina di Ragusa. Peter and Corine are joining us on Kabaal for another trip to the fascinating islands of Malta. Our anchor drops in the perfectly round and well protected Qala tad Dwejra on Gozo, populated this time by many large jellyfish. Swimming… Continue reading 50 Malta to Greece

49 A sicilian september

In august we were in Holland to witness the wedding of our son Marius. The official part of this festive happening took place in their residence , the city of Leiden.Meanwhile our Kabaal was being pampered in Riposto where the hull was repaired and polished and the underwater part was painted. In italy we could… Continue reading 49 A sicilian september

48 Malta Marvels


One of the nicest things of being a sea nomad is encountering fellow sailors. In Marina di Ragusa we meet Kobi and Joost and their lovely catamaran “Puchi”. Together we are heading to Malta to explore new horizons. In Dwejra bay we find a spectacular anchor spot well protected by a massive rock in the… Continue reading 48 Malta Marvels

47 Sicily’s south Coast – ancient wonders and azure waters

We continue our “Giro di Sicilia”, Kabaal sails anti clockwise around this incredible island. In Marsala we run into the Florio family again. The book, the lions of Sicily, describes how this family came to Sicily and became very wealthy by means of the trade in tuna and Marsala wine. In the city of Marsala… Continue reading 47 Sicily’s south Coast – ancient wonders and azure waters

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45 Landing at Sicily

From the gulf of Naples to Sicily, 17th of May – 1st of June Setting off to leave the bay of Napoli Robert Jan checked the oil in the saildrive and found out that water was getting in from the outside instead of spilling oil from inside which was our last problem. Not good! Again… Continue reading 45 Landing at Sicily

44 Mechanical misery and making the most of it

World famous and a popular holiday destination since the belle epoque; Sorrento is a place we didn’t want to skip. When approached from the gulf of Naples the town looks like a fairytale lying on top of the steep rocks surrounded by lush greenery and spring flowers. These flowers spread a wonderful scent as we… Continue reading 44 Mechanical misery and making the most of it

43 The Bay of Napoli

We entered the bay of Napoli from the North and found a safe anchorage with a view on the picturesque town of Procida. This Island might be not so famous as Ischia and Capri but it was very beautiful. The old town, Terra Murata, has a cloister dating from 1026 and an old castle from… Continue reading 43 The Bay of Napoli

38 Surprising Sardinia

Cruising from Corsica to Sardinia we found the wild and rocky Maddalena archipelago. A very popular anchorage but as it was low season we found plenty of place to enjoy the serene beauty of pink rocks and azure blue waters. The place is named after the one inhabited island in the archipelago called la Maddalena.… Continue reading 38 Surprising Sardinia

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37 Corsica

Corsica is covered in gnarley bushes with tough leatherlike leaves, named maquis. Impenetrable and very strong it served as a hideaway for ages to pirates, vendetta victims and freedom fighters alike. It should come as no surprise that the resistance in the 2nd world war was named Maquis after the tough freedom fighters from Corsica.… Continue reading 37 Corsica

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