51 Breezing the Ionian sea

A superb anchorage for Kabaal has been found near the fortress of Kerkyra, Corfu’s main town. Leaving the dinghy in a corner of the small marina we climb the steep and imposing walls of the fortress to enter the sea gate. After crossing the inside of the fortifications we exit the fort through the much… Continue reading 51 Breezing the Ionian sea

50 Malta to Greece

After saying goodbye to Hans and Karen other sailing friends embark in Marina di Ragusa. Peter and Corine are joining us on Kabaal for another trip to the fascinating islands of Malta. Our anchor drops in the perfectly round and well protected Qala tad Dwejra on Gozo, populated this time by many large jellyfish. Swimming… Continue reading 50 Malta to Greece

49 A sicilian september

In august we were in Holland to witness the wedding of our son Marius. The official part of this festive happening took place in their residence , the city of Leiden.Meanwhile our Kabaal was being pampered in Riposto where the hull was repaired and polished and the underwater part was painted. In italy we could… Continue reading 49 A sicilian september