47 Sicily’s south Coast – ancient wonders and azure waters

We continue our “Giro di Sicilia”, Kabaal sails anti clockwise around this incredible island.

In Marsala we run into the Florio family again. The book, the lions of Sicily, describes how this family came to Sicily and became very wealthy by means of the trade in tuna and Marsala wine. In the city of Marsala a tasting of this special wine was far from disappointing but even more interesting were the vast cellars with endless rows of barrels, some of them more than a hundred years old.

The very old and authentic village of Sciacca has a large port with at least two hundred fishing boats. Every day the colorful boats go to sea to return with an abundance of fresh fish. The Moorish influenced architecture and the multitude of glazed tiles are making this town a nice place for an afternoon stroll ending at the bar of zio Aurelio to sample his apparently world famous granita al limone. Together with a friend Aurelio is juicing lemons in his bar from the year1967 to make Granita. By the looks of it the bar hasn’t changed since which is not the case for Zio Aurelio. Both old men it seems have problems hearing and are shouting to each other in loud voices. Cheerfully they recommend their unique granita al Limone, the only thing they sell.

Agrigento was founded around 580 BC by Greek colonists. The ancient city consists of a vast area much of which hasn’t been excavated yet. The valley of the temples is a large area with seven monumental Greek temples in Doric style. Much of the temples have fallen down during the earthquakes and the massive columns look even more impressive when lying on the ground. The temples of Hera and Concordia however are mostly still standing tall and a magnificent sight even today. How impressive it must have been in the ancient times.

Unfortunately, much of the antic stones have been taken in the 18th century to build the harbour of Porto Empedocle. Kabaal seems to be moored to an old Greek temple apparently.

Sicily had many earthquakes in the past. Lots of towns have been destroyed in the 17th century and rebuilt in splendid Baroque style. Ragusa is a fine example, built on top of two hills. The view at sunset is spectacular.

We have guests; the usual suspects, Indra and Albert both graduated and will enjoy a celebration tour with us on Sicily

We all love Marzamemi with its old tonnara and large square. At night it is even more idyllic with its picturesque lights and terrasses

Then we make a steep walk down into the Cavagrande Canyon. Once descended we take a refreshing dive into the river before climbing back in the evening light.

Another fine example of Baroque architecture is Siracusa, a magnificent town protecting a safe anchor bay. Its cathedral is built on the remains of an ancient Greek temple.

Being real water lovers Albert and Indra make the most of the sea nomad life and swim, dive and snorkel at their hearts desire.

Our trip ends in Riposto where Kabaal will get some TLC on the hard. New antifouling and polishing and we will go home for a few weeks to spend a cooler summer in the Netherlands. KLM flies us home and we even meet an old friend and colleague, nice to talk to him and the flight is super. We will come back in September for a very special and romantic occasion! More about that in the next episode.

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