43 The Bay of Napoli

We entered the bay of Napoli from the North and found a safe anchorage with a view on the picturesque town of Procida. This Island might be not so famous as Ischia and Capri but it was very beautiful. The old town, Terra Murata, has a cloister dating from 1026 and an old castle from 1563. The latter has been a prison up till 1988.

In Naples we were lucky to find a mooring place in the old harbour at the impressive Castel dell’ Ovo, the castle of the egg. The legend tells that the poet Virgil put an egg in the foundations of the fortifications. Once the egg is broken the castle will fall down. We must assume the egg is still standing strong since Roman times as is the Castle.

Naples is everything you expect it to be. This chaotic city of almost 3000 years old is an interesting mix of history and contemporary Italian life. Together with the explosive Neapolitan ingredients as narrow streets, laundry, soccer, churches and pizza it makes for a Vesuvius in itself ready to erupt.

We visited this little factory where gloves were still made by hand.

Easter comes with chocolate eggs and a colomba, a panettone shaped like a dove.

The Amalfi coast impresses with its beautiful villages with very steep streets and stairways. In summer it is impossible to find a place for your boat but now we were alone in the port of Amalfi.

It is easy to see how many artists got their inspiration here. Among them the Dutch artist M.C. Escher. In Atrani we saw a passage dedicated to him where we could admire some of the work he made there.

In Salerno Kabaal was having major maintenance work by Roald Schroder who came over from Holland to install a new lithium battery system. It was nice having him with us and following the often incomprehensible electra magic he performed.

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