21 Roaming a luscious Lisbon

The sixteenth century Torre de Belém welcomes us to sunny Lisbon. Sailing up the Tagus river is a memorable experience on this trip. The Torre makes an interesting contrast to the 2016 MAAT museum which differs itself with the adjacent beautifully restored power plant. MAAT stands for Museum of Art Architecture and Technology and was… Continue reading 21 Roaming a luscious Lisbon

19 The rich taste of Porto

Wonderful old Porto with its small alleys and squares and its sweeping views from the ponte Luis is a real joy to visit. We spent a few days roaming the steep streets to savour the delicious food and equally good drinks. Pasteis, fish or shellfish; coffee, wine and Port. The Portuguese certainly know how to… Continue reading 19 The rich taste of Porto

18 A pearl called Cíes

Many people told us about the beautiful Islas Atlánticas situated near the coast of Galicia, Spain. All six are part of a well protected natural park and require both a special cruising and anchoring permit. Being there outside the high season makes it an even more unspoiled experience.Isla de Sálvora was the first island we… Continue reading 18 A pearl called Cíes