38 Surprising Sardinia

Cruising from Corsica to Sardinia we found the wild and rocky Maddalena archipelago. A very popular anchorage but as it was low season we found plenty of place to enjoy the serene beauty of pink rocks and azure blue waters. The place is named after the one inhabited island in the archipelago called la Maddalena.… Continue reading 38 Surprising Sardinia

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37 Corsica

Corsica is covered in gnarley bushes with tough leatherlike leaves, named maquis. Impenetrable and very strong it served as a hideaway for ages to pirates, vendetta victims and freedom fighters alike. It should come as no surprise that the resistance in the 2nd world war was named Maquis after the tough freedom fighters from Corsica.… Continue reading 37 Corsica

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36 Epic Elba

The clearest waters can be found around Elba. Of the deepest blue and so inviting you want to spend all day long swimming and frolicking in the sea. Indra and Albert admired the exotic species of fish and practiced freediving under the Kabaal. Do take a look at the film above to see the colourful… Continue reading 36 Epic Elba

35 Poetic ports of Italy

After our goodbyes to Marius and Sabina in Genua we went southwards again to the golfo del Tigullio. This time we passed Portofino to head for the less famous town of Chiavari. It turned out to be a gem of a town without the throngs of fancy tourists. It was a pleasure to walk under… Continue reading 35 Poetic ports of Italy

34 Vancanze Liguri a vela

Hello and welcome to this long read coverage of our stay with Aleid and Bob on the Kabaal. For us this was the first time to visit Bob and Aleid since they departed a year ago. The biggest pleasure in this trip then was to see them in their natural floating habitat. Naturally all this… Continue reading 34 Vancanze Liguri a vela

33 Vive la France

For our first real French croissant of the year we sailed 300 miles in 48 hours. From Mallorca Santa Ponça we had a smooth ride and arrived at Ile de Porquerolles early morning. This island felt surprisingly French to us after having floated in Spanish and Portuguese waters for almost a year. The French folklore… Continue reading 33 Vive la France

29 Viva Costa del Sol

After having spent two weeks in the Netherlands we came back to Gibraltar to find Kabaal and a freshly repaired sail. It seemed easy to put it back on the boom but then something went wrong: one of the reeflines accidentally got pulled out and it needed a lot of clever thinking and patience and… Continue reading 29 Viva Costa del Sol