8 Spain here we come

It is time to make the final stretch to the Spanish coast. Or more precisely the Basque coast. Unfortunately the forecast anticipated a heavy Atlantic swell in the next two days, so we made an extra stop over in Port Médoc, a nice small village and marina in the top of the famous wine area.On… Continue reading 8 Spain here we come

7 New captains on board

Dear blogpost readers & sail- (or Appie) enthousiasts. This is a guest-post by Albert & Indra. Already two weeks ago we joined the two pensionado’s in La Rochelle to take off to the French islands Ile de Ré, Ile d’Aix, Ile d’Oléron and Rochefort. Soon we found out about the smikkelvacation; no normal eating –… Continue reading 7 New captains on board

5 Inland and Islands

Belle île, Vannes, Golfe du Morbihan and Ile d’Yeu The beauty of Brittany is both found at the Coastal Islands like Belle Île and Ile d’Yeu as in the natural harbour of the Golfe de Morbihan with over 40 islands and the medieval city of Vannes. The Golfe has an extreme current , at it’s… Continue reading 5 Inland and Islands

4 L’ Aber Wrac’h to Ile de Sein, entering the Bay of Biscay

Still enjoying favourable winds to make progress towards the southern coast of Brittany, where we will be spending some weeks to enjoy the french coastal life. A nice combination of old favourites, like the wrecks of old fishing boats in Camaret and breakfast on the terrace at cafe de la Cale in Ste Marine, and… Continue reading 4 L’ Aber Wrac’h to Ile de Sein, entering the Bay of Biscay

3 Roscoff – a first touch of Brittany

On the we back from the evening concert, at the church in the far middle

During a 20 hour overnight sailing trip from Cherbourg we passed the British channel islands. Very strict UK Covid quarantine rules made us sail past our favourite Sark anchor bay and Guernsey’s St Peter Port before arriving in a dense fog at Roscoff early morning. When the sun opened up the day at lunchtime, the… Continue reading 3 Roscoff – a first touch of Brittany

2 Belgium and Normandy – Joining friends on the way south

Night crossing Seine Bay

First stretch was to Nieuwpoort Belgium. To meet up with long time friends Dartel and Spicy Lady, both on their way to the south. Time for a ‘pintje’ and joint sail to Boulogne sur Mer. Followed by an overnight crossing to Cherbourg where Quatorze Juillet fireworks were waiting for us.

1 Setting Sail

On July 10 we decided the time was right to set sail. Two days ahead of initial schedule to benefit from the favourable but rare northerly winds. But first we had a nice string of good-byes. Family and the Ouddorp sailing club cheered us away from the Reddingloods. Here we received a first survival kit… Continue reading 1 Setting Sail