11 Breathtaking coastline and beautiful little harbours

Getaría is one of the many picturesque fisherman’s harbors of which there are so many on this coast.
Whale fishing went on until the eighties which is hard to imagine nowadays.
In the newspaper I read that two blue whales have been spotted this year, the first since many years.
The small ports are famous as well for their immigrants which left Spain for the United States and some of them came back and built beautiful houses in Belle Époque style

In one of those houses the mother of the famous fashion designer Balenciaga used to work as a seamstress and so Getaría now has a very interesting fashion museum showing his collections and those of Azzedine Alaïa.

Zumaia has wonderful rock formations which figured in the Game of Thrones series and are worthwhile to visit.

Castro Urdiales is another small fishing harbor which is very pretty and has a lot of interesting old buildings.
We have a mooring in the bay with crystal clear water and the ferry from yet another Royal Yacht club is standby 24/7 to bring us ashore. The Spanish Royals must really cruise around here frequently as nearly every town has its own Royal Yacht Club with very chic club buildings busy with members eating, drinking and sunbathing.

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