36 Epic Elba

The clearest waters can be found around Elba. Of the deepest blue and so inviting you want to spend all day long swimming and frolicking in the sea. Indra and Albert admired the exotic species of fish and practiced freediving under the Kabaal. Do take a look at the film above to see the colourful fish.

We thought a certain Corsican General was not to be pitied and we would have rather stayed in Portoferraio then going back to France for 100 days of extended emperorship. For us retiring to Elba felt like a dream and Portoferraio an enchanting town, emperor worthy. The town rises from the harbour like an amphitheater and the streets radiating from the port are so steep that most of them are in the form of stairs. Passing through the gate in the thick wall which surrounds the harbour you enter the main square bustling with cafes, icecream parlours and shops. On top of it all stands the 16th century Medici fortress worth the climb for the wonderful view.

Elba is in fact one big mountain of iron and it is known to upset the compasses of passing ships. Fortunately this didn’t prevent us to find shelter in its many alluring bays to enjoy swimming and sunsets.

The steep and thickly wooded slopes were very inviting to hike. Early morning, to avoid the heat, we walked up a part of Monte Capanne to the village of Marciana and returned by bus to Porto Marciana.

Happy sailing life suits them well, Indra and Albert had no trouble to adapt to the vibe of the seanomad life and were eager deckhands quick to figure out all the features of the Kabaal.

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