14 Hopping the Ria’s of Asturias

Way back when on Ile de Ré our French neighbor talked enthusiastically about the Ria’s of northern Spain.
Avilés was absolutely not to be missed he said.
So we headed up there through the industrial harbour and found our way to a small marina next to the highway.
So far nothing special but in the distance we got a glimpse of some very modern white buildings which was the exhibition centre and concert hall of Oscar Niemeyer a well known Brazilian architect.
Inside we saw the exhibition of 3 female fotographers of the Magnum collective. Impressive and inspiring.

Unsurprisingly fish has a major place on the menu in Asturias and the fishmarkets are very lively with lots of fish and shellfish of all sorts. All deliciously prepared by the local restaurants.

The typical glass facades in this part of Spain are beautifully detailed and painted in white. They make a characteristic sight of the towns and villages.

In Viveiro Mireille and Henk, of the Zeester, treated us with a delicious Barbecue on their yacht while we were anchoring together in the bay. A lovely evening.

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