12 Ribadesella – a short movie and finding a unique market

Navigating to Ribadesella was a tricky one. We needed to arrive no earlier then three hours ahead of high tide to ensure enough water to enter, which was at 8.30 pm. But ideally no later then 9.30 as it gets dark early and the entrance is narrow, long and confusing. So the 10 hours estimated journey from Santander needed some precision!
We arrived at 8.45 pm with 3,5 meters of water and got local help to direct us to the visitors spot, which proved to be at the trickiest part of the harbour.

With the “Zeester” behind us we first called the harbour master to ask if our calculations were correct and he confirmed that we could enter.

We met Mireille en Henk from the Zeester in Santander and it was nice to be able to speak Dutch and share our stories.
Like us they have become sea nomads and are planning to go someplace in the Mediterranean with their beautiful blue Victoire 1270.

The hills were green and inviting so we set out on a walk to admire the surroundings.

At the harbour office the local intelligentsia of a certain maturity would come together daily to discuss important matters.
When paying the harbour fee the harbour master said there was a market and pointed at his friends outside: “Everything for sale; politics, news, good advise, filosofía….”


  1. Complimenten voor jullie blog ! Prachtig werkelijk om jullie avonturen zo te mogen meebeleven ! Mooie drone opnames ! We volgen jullie Kabaal graag omdat we zo ook kunnen meebeleven wat de Zeester meemaakt. Doe aub de zeenomaden Mireille en Henk de groeten van ons. Goede vaart verder gewenst en wij, achterblijvers, zien uit naar jullie verdere prachtige tekst en beelden!

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